LYH is Home to You

In Lynchburg, our community is full of vibrant people doing incredible things! From artists and poets to small business owners to nuclear scientists, you can learn more about the people that call LYH home. We can’t wait to connect with you! 

Danny Givens

Givens Books Little Dickens is one of the largest independently owned bookstores & toy shops in Virginia; a place where you can be a kid at heart! Learn more about how bookstore owner Danny Givens is making Givens Books a magical experience for all. Learn More

Nick George

Inspired by local history, community, and mental health, spoken word poet Nick George is holding space and inspiring a new generation on the power of poetry. Learn More

Stephanie Fees

Learn more about Scratch Pasta owner Stephanie Fees and how she makes her pasta locally in LYH. Learn More

The Nickersons

Hear how Holly and Jordan Nickerson chose Lynchburg as the place to create their first business: beloved dessert spot, Rookie’s. Now, it’s grown to three successful eateries, Rookie’s, Bacon St. Bagels, and Corduroy. Learn More

Christina Davis

If Christina Davis gets a call from a new number, it often goes a little something like this: “So, I’ve got this wall. Want to paint on it?” Hear from Davis, a local Lynchburg artist and teacher about her artistic journey. If you've been to the city, you've probably seen one of her colorful murals out and about. Learn More

Charles Johnson

As the upper education manager for the James River Association, it’s Johnson’s job to integrate kindergarten through 12th-grade science standards in hands-on lessons about the river. As graduate assistant for the University of Lynchburg’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, he wants the James to be equally accessible to everyone. Learn More

Jacki Stevens

With a laser focus on safety, Framatome supports nuclear reactors across the globe to deliver clean, carbon-free energy that is reliable and efficient. Employees work for today’s fleet of reactors and also develop new technologies for smaller reactors, which are the future of zero-carbon energy production. Learn more from Jacki Stevens, longtime Framatome employee, about how Framatome is focusing on the future of clean energy. Learn More

Shane Stimpson

While in high school, Shane Stimpson attended the LYH-based Central Virginia Governor's School, and then later interned with BWXT. During the pandemic, Shane returned home to LYH to work for BWXT's Advanced Technology division. Hear from Shane on what it's like to work at BWXT and why he chooses LYH as his home. Learn More